Aloo Matter (Potatoes & Pea Curry)


A traditional dry potato and pea curry tossed  in cumin and mustard seeds with tomatoes. Cooked with the dahl spices from The Spice Yard to a mild strength. Perfect when scooped up with a chapatti (Indian unleavened bread). This curry is a crowd pleaser and a firm favourite with children. Tastes delicious with a spoonful of plain yogurt.

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Potatoes, peas, oil, cumin, mustard seeds, tomatoes, water, salt, lemon juice, dahl spice blend, (see blend for ingredients list) and fresh coriander.

Portion size is equivalent to one main or two sides.

Takeaway will be delivered chilled, ready for you to heat when required or freeze for a later date.


Serves 1

Food Type

Vegan, Vegetarian

Dish Type

Curry, vegetarian