Spice Crust Blend


This fragrant herby blend works well as a salad dressing or with cooked food. The texture from the dill seeds and coriander seeds and warmth from black pepper is ideal with fish or pork. Its herby flavour lends itself to roasted potatoes or sprinkled over new potatoes; even add to fish pie to give it a lift.

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Coriander whole, cumin whole, black pepper whole, ginger, garlic, dill seeds and kashmiri chilli [30g].

Quick & Easy:
Add 1 tsp to crème fraiche, salt and pepper and a squeeze of lemon for a lovely herby dip.

More Authentic:
Mix 1 level tsp of the Spice Crust blend with 2 tbsp olive oil, salt, squeeze of lemon. Marinade fish fillets e.g. salmon for a minimum of 30 mins, before pan frying.

Cooking to Impress:
When mixed with breadcrumbs, salt, and pepper and a squeeze of lemon and fresh parsley, place on top of whole fish, pack it down and a little inside the belly of the fish. Bake the fish whole.

Hints & Tips:
1. Add 1.5 level tsp to butter and 1 clove of garlic; salt, mix well and spread on bread, ciabatta, baguette to make an alternative garlic bread
2. Add to butter and capers with parsley or fresh dill to pan fry your fish
3. Goes well with new potatoes, or crushed new potatoes

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